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About Us


At Relationships Scotland - Shetland (RSS) we support individuals, children, young people, couples, and families to help reduce conflict, improve communication and ensure that people are supported to manage times of conflict and relationship breakdown.   

We are a charity and a member of the Relationships Scotland national network of 21 member services.


To increase peoples understanding of how conflict can impact on others, promote engagement of conflict resolution approaches and highlight the benefits they can bring.

To support individuals, couples - separated or together, families, neighbours and communities to reduce conflict, find common ground, explore workable resolutions and improve outcomes for all.


 Integrity - we are committed to upholding high professional standards

 Respect - we accept people for who they are

 Neutrality - we never take sides


All our mediator's and counsellors undertake regular training and to ensure their continuous professional development, and must meet set standards to meet the annual registration process with Relationships Scotland, Scotland’s largest provider of relationship counselling and family mediation services. 


Our Board members are volunteers drawn from the local community, who generously give their time to help run the charity. Their role is to act in the interest of the charity, operate in a manner consistent with the charity's purposes and ensure that the charity complies with the provisions of the 2005 Act and other relevant legislation.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Board member.


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