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Family Mediation 

(Child Focused)

During child-focused mediation, trained mediators work with parents to create an environment where open communication is encouraged, fostering a cooperative atmosphere. The primary goal is to develop parenting plans and arrangements that consider the specific needs, preferences, and emotions of the children.

Importantly, child-focused mediation encourages parents to put aside personal differences and prioritise the best interests of their children. This collaborative approach helps build a foundation for effective co-parenting post-separation, fostering an environment where both parents remain actively involved in the lives of their children.


One significant advantage of child-focused mediation is that it allows parents to maintain greater control over the decision-making process, as opposed to relying on a court to determine custody arrangements. This can result in more personalised and flexible parenting plans that better suit the unique circumstances of each family.

What to expect

After initial contact with us we will arrange an appointment for you alone with one of our mediators to discuss your current situation and to hear more about the mediation process. With your agreement we will then send a letter to your ex partner to invite them to engage with the service. They will then have an appointment alone with our mediator. All going well we will then bring you together for an appointment with your mediator. Mediation can go ahead in many different ways and your mediator will discuss with you which would be most appropriate. We can provide appointments virtually, mediation in the same room or shuttle mediation in separate rooms.

As mediation is a voluntary process your ex partner may not engage with our service but in these cases we can offer further 1-2-1 support for you and can advise potential next steps or signposting.

For further information please see our resources page.

Currently we are incredibly proud to provide our service free of charge for the Shetland public.

Happy Family
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