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Community Mediation

Noisy Neighbors? Parking Disputes? We can help.

Disputes or annoyances with neighbors or members of the community can have a significant impact on our lives. Community mediation seeks to help you explore those issues and options, potentially helping you come together (if appropriate) with the person to come to a mutual understanding. Conflicts can range from interpersonal disputes, such as neighborly disagreements or conflicts, to broader community issues, including disputes over shared resources or community development.


Community mediation plays a crucial role in resolving conflicts within neighborhoods or communities through a collaborative and inclusive process. Our trained community mediators can also support you on a one to one basis to explore what you can do from your side if you would not like to involve the other party. Unlike formal legal proceedings, community mediation seeks to empower individuals to address and resolve their disputes with the assistance of trained mediators. The focus is on restoring relationships, fostering understanding, and building a sense of community cohesion.

One fundamental principle of community mediation is the emphasis on voluntary participation. Individuals willingly engage in the mediation process, demonstrating a commitment to finding resolutions that meet their needs and contribute to the overall harmony of the community. Mediators encourage open communication, active listening, and the exploration of creative solutions that benefit all parties involved.

Currently we are incredibly proud to provide our service free of charge for the Shetland public.

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